Failure is in the eye of the beholder

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You know that old saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, I’m telling you, failure resides there too. Something that feels, sounds or looks like a massive failure in your life, might look so differently to someone else.

Your failure might be the inspiration an onlooker needs to get up and keep moving. Your recovery is their inspiration. Your attempt at trying gives them hope, joy and make them feel less alone in their inner struggle.

 Sadly, this won’t make your experience of failure feel any better. It sucks, period. When you’re face down, knocked out and feeling low from a recent failure, it hurts. I know failure is the path to success and I STILL struggle with it as it happens.

 I still cry, sulk and drink all the wine. I eat all the ice cream, take long walks, call friends and watch inspirational movies. I meditate, use positive affirmations, dance in hotel rooms and journal my heart out. It doesn’t suck any less, but at least I’m moving forward.

 The thing is, we live in a voyeuristic society. We watch peoples lives with little to no commentary. So you never really know what your words, actions and attitudes are doing to support someone from afar.  Especially with our ability to look at someone’s life on a smartphone screen and never need to say a word.

 Recently, I created my first online course. I worked on it for months. I poured my heart and soul into it. It was my baby. I built up my courage and  got vulnerable. I shared on every social platform. I emailed, called and did my best to show it’s value to potential students. It didn’t sell.  

I failed. I was devastated.

Then I started listening. My colleagues all called to said how inspired they were seeing me develop and produce it. My friends were proud that I had really gone for it, put it all out there. My clients saw all the vulnerability and courage it took and tapped into their own.  

I couldn’t believe it. An experience I had taken on as a massive failure, had inspired others. It looked so different from their viewpoint. It encouraged me to look at it as a step on the path, not the end of the road. It gave me some perspective and a much-needed mind shift.

As Winton Churchill famously said… “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” It’s truly is the ability to fail and keep moving that defines success.

You’re going to fail. It will likely happen often. Sometimes it will shake you to your very core. Success is falling off the bike and getting up to try again. You never would’ve learned, if you had quit the first time you fell.

So when you’re feeling down, kicked and out. You’ve had the wind knocked out or you. You’ve lost your breath. You don’t have the strength to do it all over again.

Change your perspective. Remember everything happens for a reason. One mans trash is another mans treasure. You never know who’s seen you fall and gained inspiration from your try.

Keep moving forward friends. I believe in you.

Enjoy the adventure travelers!


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