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Hi. I’m Brea

I’m a Florida native, Aquarius who loves spicy food, naps and calligraphy doodles

A year ago, I left my life in New York City to embark on a soul-searching journey that would change both my life and my relationship with myself forever.

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My journey starts like many others. I grew up wanting all the things I’d seen in the romantic Disney movies I adored. A handsome prince to sweep me off my feet, a fairytale wedding and a montage complete with our perfect picket fenced home and three adorable children.

I could just picture myself dancing and singing with all the magical talking creatures in the forest, whilst wearing my perfectly pleated floor length dress.

Fast forward many more moons than I’d ever admit to, I was let go from what I thought was a perfect job and broke up with a man I deeply loved, all within the span of two weeks.

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My life in New York City had always been great and it was once my biggest goal to move there. After some time though, it had come to represent comfort and stability, as well as, a major reason I wasn’t able to travel as much as I wanted to.

Manhattan rent much?

So, I made a bold move towards my goals started traveling the world full time. Now I’ve combined my love for travel & culture, with my heart's desire to ignite joy, wholeness and confidence in human beings... and created Travel with Love

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Since embarking on my newfound path, I've spent my time sharing my personal journey and travel tips with open abandon. It’s my life mission to unlock the wealth of wholeness, creativity and self-love that resides in the hearts of all human kind.

What you see here is the mix of travel, love and inspiration I’m excited to share with the world. Travel is how I found my unique wholeness and I’m overjoyed to help you do the same.

Why not create a life you love, shed old habits, cast off limiting beliefs and start living the life you KNOW you deserve?

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